JBR Genome Browser is a fast and reliable next-generation genome browser with enhanced capabilities of view-ing large sessions, semi-supervised peak and annotation functionality that is integrated with SPAN peak caller. Part of the semi-supervised peak calling solution.



  • On-the-fly peak calling using SPAN models
  • Integrated peaks annotating for semi-supervised peak calling
  • Support for observing multiple genome locations simultaneously
  • Classical genome browser features to view various genome data formats
  • Supported data file formats: BED (including MACS2, SICER peaks), BigWig, Wig, BigBed, Tdf
  • Supported sessions formats: JBR *.yaml, IGV *.xml session files
  • Remote URL BigWig/BigBed/BED files support
  • Show track statistics
  • BED tracks overlap analysis
  • Optimized for working with large sessions
  • Support for screenshots in PNG or SVG formats
  • New Support for searching and loading tracks from ENCODE portal
  • New Server mode visualizing single or multiple sessions in web browser.
    See example at https://artyomovlab.wustl.edu/jbr/
  • New Full support of High DPI displays

NOTE: JBR Genome Browser 1.0.beta.5244 support model produced by the SPAN version 0.12+

System Requirements

  • Operation System:
    • Microsoft Windows 10/8/7
    • MacOS 10.8 or higher
    • Linux. Recommended desktops: GNOME, KDE or UNITY
  • 2 GB RAM minimum
  • 1024x768 minimum screen resolution


JBR Genome Browser (build 1.0.beta.5244), released on Aug 12, 2020

Download Description
jbr-1.0.beta.5244.zip Windows archive (includes bundled 64-bit Java Runtime)
jbr-1.0.beta.5244.dmg Mac installer (includes bundled 64-bit Java Runtime)
jbr-1.0.beta.5244.tar.gz Linux archive (includes bundled 64-bit Java Runtime)


Download suitable build for your OS from Downloads section.


  • Unpack the browser 1.0.beta.5244.zip file:
  • Run jbr.exe.


  • Download the 1.0.beta.5244.dmg macOS Disk Image file
  • Mount it as another disk in your system
  • Copy JBR Genome Browser to your Applications folder

If you wan't to open multiple JBR instances launch second, third, etc. instances using command:
open -n "/Applications/JBR 1.0.app"


  • Unpack the browser 1.0.beta.5244.tar.gz file using the following command:
    tar -xzf 1.0.beta.5244.tar.gz
  • Run jbr.sh from the bin subfolder.


See JBR Wiki on GitHub.

Visual Peak Calling Tutorial
Comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on using integrated peak calling solution is available in How-To section.

Errors Reporting

Report any errors or comments in the public JBR Genome browser issue tracker.

Modified Wed Aug 12 17:19:12 2020 UTC