Research group

Nuclear Physics Methods Laboratory

Visualization tools for particle physics

Project supervisor: Alexander Nozik
Status: Active

Visualization is one of the key aspects of scientific software. It is necessary at all stages of scientific work: designing an experiment, collecting data, analysis, and, of course, presenting the results. Currently, the largest number of tools for visualizing scientific data is presented by the Python ecosystem, so for simple access to these tools, you have to either develop in Python (which is not always justified), or make a complex multi-language assembly that allows you to get data in one place and visualize it in another.

The goal of this project is the development of visualization methods on Kotlin-multiplatform and the creation of specifications that allow to access these tools from different platforms and languages without any additional effort.

The first prototype of such a system is described in this article.

The results of this project are plotly.kt wrapper for Plotly library and the VisionForge framework.