Graduated from Phystech with a bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics in 2018 and from Skoltech with a masters degree in Information Science and Technology in 2020.

Before actually getting a PhD decided to get some experience of the applied science (as it was stated in her first diploma) and continued to work on applying ML&DL methods to bio-chemistry area (as she did during her Master Thesis research).

2016 - 2018 - Worked as Research assistant in Biotechnology Department of NRC «Kurchatov Institute» and contributed to the project of constructing a bioreactor for microalgae

Enjoys patricipating in hackathons:

1st Place, Unilever Chain Reaction Hack — data analyst, designer (Moscow, 2019)

1st Place, The Arctic Circle Haсkathon — data analyst, designer (Salekhard, 2019)

2nd Place, SberCode Haсkathon — data scientist (NLP) (Moscow, 2020)

1st Place, RaifHack — data analyst (Moscow, 2020)