Alexander Nozik


Born in 1985 in Moscow, graduated from "2-nd school" lyceum in 2002. Obtained bachelor (2006) and master (2008) degree at MIPT. Started working in INR RAS from 2004. In 2012 successfully defended phd thesis (particle physics) on the analysis of data from "Troitsk nu-mass" experiment in search for mass of electron neutrino. From that time worked in different particle physics collaborations. In 2013 began teaching general physics (and later, special coerces on statistics and scientific programming) at MIPT. In 2017 together with Lev Inzhechik formed a nuclear physics methods group at MIPT, which in the beginning of 2019 was transformed into a laboratory.

Professional Activity

Specialist in neutrino physics, data analysis in physical experiment and development of scientific software. The primary achievement in physics is the best limit on electron neutrino mass and sterile neutrino mixing for masses up to 1 keV based on "Troitsk nu-mass" data. Currently a member of "Troitsk nu-mass", IAXO (axion search) and BAT (Bayesian analysis toolkit) collaborations.



  • Nuclear Physics Methods Laboratory Head of the software group
    • Coordination of development of scientific data visualization tools in Kotlin
    • development of DataForge platform for data analysis automation
    • development of physical simulation in Kotlin