Yuliya Susanina


Yuliya is a student at St. Petersburg State University, the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics.



  • Yuliya Susanina
    Context-free path querying (CFPQ) widely used for graph-structured data analysis in different areas. It is crucial to develop highly efficient algorithms for CFPQ since the size of the input data is typically large. We show how to reduce GFPQ evaluation to solving systems of matrix equations over R --- a problem for which there exist high-performance solutions. Also, we demonstrate the applicability of our approach to real-world data analysis.
    Proceedings of the 2020 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, June 2020
  • Susanina Y.A., Yaveyn A.N., Grigorev S.V.

    This paper aims to present Valiant’s algorithm modification, which main advantage is the possibility to divide the parsing table into successively computed layers of disjoint submatrices where each submatrix of the layer can be processed independently. Moreover, our approach is easily adapted for the string-matching problem.

    Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming, June 2020