Nikita is a researcher in the Kotlin team at JetBrains and getting a PhD in the field of concurrency. He got both bachelor’s and master’s degrees at ITMO University, where he has also been teaching a course on concurrent programming. His primary research interests are concurrent data structures and algorithms, their verification, and practically applicable code analysis approaches.


  • Nikita Koval, Maria Sokolova, Alexander Fedorov, Dan Alistarh, Dmitry Tsitelov
    POSTER: Testing concurrency on the JVM with Lincheck
    PPoPP 2020: 433-434, February 2020
  • Nikita Koval, Vitaly Aksenov
    POSTER: Restricted memory-friendly lock-free bounded queues
    PPoPP 2020: 433-434, February 2020
  • Dan Alistarh, Giorgi Nadiradze, Nikita Koval
    Efficiency Guarantees for Parallel Incremental Algorithms under Relaxed Schedulers
    SPAA 2019: 145-154, 2019
  • Dan Alistarh, Alexander Fedorov, Nikita Koval
    In Search of the Fastest Concurrent Union-Find Algorithm
    OPODIS 2019: 15:1-15:16, 2019
  • Nikita Koval, Dan Alistarh, Roman Elizarov
    POSTER: Lock-free channels for programming via communicating sequential processes
    PPoPP 2019: 417-418, 2019
  • Nikita Koval, Dan Alistarh, Roman Elizarov
    Scalable FIFO Channels for Programming via Communicating Sequential Processes
    Euro-Par 2019: 317-333, 2019