Vladimir Zyubin


Author of pioneering work in the field of process-oriented programming, starting with the fundamental work introducing the conceptual framework for process-oriented programming - the hyperprocess model, which extends the finite state machine model for application in a wide class of control algorithms. The hyperprocess model later served as a basis for C-like specialized programming language SPARM, and, consequently, of it's advanced version - the Reflex language.

Effectiveness of the process-oriented approach has since been demonstrated in a series of complex and practically valuable projects. Most notable among these are the automatic control system for growing silicon single-crystal ingots, and automatic climate control system for the Big Vacuum Solar Telescope (Listvyanka, Baikal).

Based on the developed approach, a technology has been created for automated dynamic verification of control algorithms via testing, followed by an automatic verification approach using software simulators of control objects.

With Reflex language as a basis, the IndustrialC programming language has been developed, adapting the process-oriented approach for development of embedded microcontroller systems.

Dr. Zyubin has extensive experience in developing industrial automatic control systems. Particularly, world-class results have been achieved in the project on automatic recording of Bragg gratings in optical fibers.

Since 2017, he was directly involved in a series of research projects on creating static verification tools for control software using ontology-based methods, model checking and deductive verification. As a result, a process ontology was developed, covering the class of control objects, the transformation semantics of the Reflex language was specified, and a two-stage deductive verification method was proposed for Reflex programs based on the Z3 prover.

Dr. Zyubin currently heads the laboratory of cyber-physical systems in the Institute of Automation and Electrometry SB RAS, which included experts in the fields of programming languages, dynamic and static verification of control algorithms, and neural network systems. This enables multidisciplinary research on development of integrated approaches based on the process-oriented programming paradigm, yielding world-class scientific results.


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